Archive revisit in LR5

August 13 2013
Buying a new external hard drive and making some backups, you might be surprised a what gems you come across. Back in the day I was using Lightroom 3. Having skipped a version, I recently purchased the new Lightroom 5 and truth be told: it's a machine unlike any other I've tried. The amount of colour detail you can regain from RAW-files is next level, and the way you are able to control light and dark areas makes editing a joy once again. 
It might seem as if I've been messing around with my colour-shifters a bit much, but I can honestly tell you this: it was a really special day with a lot of Sahara-sand in the air, all the colours were already there and the sun played it's part in the magic as well. I just upped the contrast and vibrance somewhat, adjusted sharpness, pull back some overexposure, et VOILA!