Limburg lakes

May 23 2014
Receiving a special request by a German newspaper to shoot the comeback of an injured horse worth 15 million € was already a special start to the day. A last minute call, just as I was packing up to leave the dressage competition meant I wasn't finished just yet.  Ending up in waders between sword flags, spotting a flying bittern a few hours later was to be an even more surreal sight few are privileged to behold.

In Limburg -arguably one of the prettiest parts of Belgium- recent efforts have brought back some more water and open, green space, 2 things migrating and nesting birds often thrive on. Such initiatives should be plentiful I believe. Unfortunately, people still spend 15 million on horses and governments believe a 20-something lane highway is a great idea.

On sunday we're having elections in Belgium. I've been assigned by the agency to follow the extreme rightwing party for 2 days. I feel a weekend of nausea coming up.


May 02 2014
A dirty old rocker with a raspy voice, an incomprehensible Flemish dialect, wrinkles and grey hair to match the image. If asked, that's how I would describe the Ostend-born Arno, who turns 65 this May. An expo has been set up to honor his contribution to the rock 'n roll-scene in Flanders for the past 40-something years, located in and old movie theatre that's currently under reconstruction. Filthy floors, dangerous stairs, hardly any lighting; a perfect metaphor for Arno's years in the music industry. Because even if it looks deteriorated and dodgy to a spectator, the whole thing has been thought over very carefully by people who know what they are doing. 

Commissioned work for De Standaard newspaper.

Cinema Capitole
Langestraat 29 - 8400 Oostend
from 2-5-'14 until 1-6-'14
Entrance only €3!