Belgian Wave Championship 2013

May 12 2013
On what looked to be a promising weekend of wind, the call was made to sail the Belgian Wave Championship 2013. Unfortunately for both the spectators (and photographers :) as well as the competitors, the wind missed out on the appointment and created a very gusty, south tot south-southwesterly, side-offshore wind. The location set for this years competition was Twins Club in Bredene, a spot that tends to work better with a more westerly winddirection so conditions could definitly be called 'very far from perfect'.  

The single 

The single elimination was sailed on Friday but a quick look at the list of competitors made it clear it wouldn't be a very representative first day. Big guns like Olivier Pas or Wout Burman were unable to sail because of agenda-issues and Steven Van Broeckhoven was sailing in the DEFI-wind, making the fight for the top-5 a bit biassed. At the end of the first day, the podium was 1: Dieter Van Der Eyken 2: Jonas Handekeyn 3: Fabrice Devos.

The double 

On Saturday, the competition got underway at around 2 in the afternoon. Conditions were a bit better than Friday, but still the wind was extremely gusty and the waves were about knee- to waisthigh. Again the field of competitors was somewhat thin with Wout Burman (a definite top-3 sailor) not being able to compete, so the title would either go to Dieter or Jonas. In a very exciting final with 2 jumps and 2 waverides to count, both sailors seemed to keep each other in balance - both opening the battle with a backloop, Dieter sticking it a bit cleaner than Jonas. On the waverides it was Jonas to open with 2 taka's on 1 wave, just not making the second one. Meantime Dieter landed an ankle-dry shaka out the back putting him ahead on the jumping score to later back it up with a quick and clean one-handed backloop. Jonas had no problem finding waves to ride at his homespot throwing fins-out takas and extremely vertical topturns (considering the poor conditions) although he wasn't running into many ramps on his way out to fill up the other half of his scoresheet. On the waves Dieter was pulling a frontside wave 360 and taka's, as well as a very tiny aerial. A second, even higher shaka meant it was a clear victory for the 21-year old PWA-sailor from Stabroek over the Bredene local. In the final seconds, Jonas tried another extreme wave-move but went down and subsequently got a massive taka in the face by Dieter, who already knew the title was in the bag. All the competitors realised it wasn't a championship as it's supposed to be with the organisation even refusing to wait for a peak in the wind to sail the final, but the result stands nonetheless! 

Final standings:

1: Dieter Van Der Eyken (Starboard - Severne - Choco Fins) 
2: Jonas Handekeyn (Witchcraft - Hot Sails Maui - O'Neill) 
3: Roeland De Rycker (Sailboardstarifa - Loft Sails) 
4: Fabrice Devos (Naish - Prolimit)

Raf Reyntjens

April 08 2013
Raf Reyntjens - Movie Director / Writer - Antwerpen

Tim Van Steenbergen

March 31 2013
Variation might just be the key to motivation. The movie premiere of Crimi Clowns, a bridal fashion defilé by Tim Van Steenbergen in Antwerp City Hall and a concert by the legendary 2 Unlimited; it was all in a weekends work. I enjoyed the defilé the most, largely because of the unique location, although the very varied lighting situations didn't make it any less difficult. Also the number of photographers using their elbows to get a shot was a lot smaller than at the movies or the concert. Next week I'll be dividing my time between shooting basketball and a 4 million year old whale. Variation certainly is my key to motivation.

Ed Templeton

March 22 2013
As far as living legends go in the world of extreme sports, Ed Templeton is up there with the best of 'em. Apart from being a succesful pro-skater and businessman (his skateboard company Toy Machine has existed since 1993!), he's also been a longtime creative spirit. An exhibit of his most recent work has brought him to Antwerp. Couldn't let this one slip past and tracked the man down for a quick portrait. 

After I had shot a few snaps to check the light, he opened his jacket, revealing a beautifull Leica M6. Obviously sharing a passion for photography, I suggested this shot to him. I'm happy he agreed. 

Thanks a million Ed, sorry I couldn't make it to your opening. Let's hope next time you visit our crazy city you'll be rolling on a Toy Machine...

De Meyere - Souffriau - Van Laecke

March 15 2013
During a press conference to announce a new musical about the first World War I got 2 of the actors (who are both pretty worldfamous in Belgium) and the director aside for a quick portrait. Nothing fancy, just available light and my Nikkor 50mm prime. Great stuff to work with these professionals! :)


March 10 2013
One of the lesser known landmarks of Antwerp architecture will soon be torn down. The 'Provinciehuis' used to serve many of the city's public service offices. Nowadays it's about as outdated as a dial-up internet connection is. From the outside its pretty ugly (but still not as ugly as our police tower 'den Oudaan') but on the inside there are some true gems from the mid-60's to be found. Since retro has become trendy again, you could almost call it a photographic study of a Hipster's fantasy-livingroom...

Werktitel 4

February 24 2013
Tuur Florizoone, Celia Ledoux, Thomas Blondeau, Vitalski, Maarten Inghels, Michel Massot
@ Werktitel #4. It was interesting. People talking about Miss Piggy, sex and West Vlaanderen. And there was some damn fine music as well.

#5 (and final one) will be on 21/3/2013. Perhaps you should come too.

Antwerp Airport

February 20 2013
It's not every day you get to shoot photos on the tarmac of an airport. When the invitation came to make a journalistic report about Antwerp Airport -located in the very picturesque town of Deurne Zuid-, I already had a few shots in mind. Happy to say I got them in the bag, not in the least thanks to the special light we had that morning (the golden one is actually pretty much straight out of the camera). But then again you can't really fail when your runway model is worth a couple million!

Eline @ Godevaart

February 12 2013
Planned to shoot a portrait of a friend. We ended up with more than 1. I couldn't pick the one I liked most so I put up 3. What's your favourite?

TerZake & ReyersLaat

February 07 2013
Feeling jolly good after I noticed somebody in the offices of Reyers Laat and Terzake (2 reputable Belgian national TV-shows that comment on the news) seems to like my pictures.  Made it onto the background 3 times in 2 days. Stoked!