Ford Capri

February 06 2013
Just as I was about to take a picture of this dreamcar parked in front of my house, this man walks up and opens the door for his grandchild to get in. He was very proud of his Ford Capri, which he has owned since 1978 and is in a completely original state. Sounded as delicious as it looks.
He didn't feel like selling it to me though... :(

Antwerpen United

February 05 2013
Had to shoot the press conference for Antwerpen United, the new collaboration between 5 indoor sportsclubs from my hometown Antwerp. Curious to see when the outdoor footbalteams (Antwerp and Beerschot) will realise that working together will be the  only way they will ever reach a decent (inter)national level.
Our city's deputy of sports Ludo Van Campenhout and national minister of sports (and work, spatial planning, finance and immovable heritage - busy man...) Philippe Muyters were kind enough to pose for a quick portrait. Thanks boys! :)

Flemish Rap Awards

February 03 2013
Last night I attended the first edition of the Flemish Rap Awards. For many the highlight of the evening will have been the overwhelming victory of Safi & Spreej who collected 5 awards in different categories. My personal highlight -could well become the musical highlight of 2013- was the rebirth of Antwerp's All Time Greatest Hiphopband: Sint Andries MC's! Nowadays consisting of MC's Scale & Kilogram (a.k.a. KG), they brought down the house with some oldskool tracks like Reprezent 2000, Spellekes and Hiroshima Stijl. 
Only question I had after the show was: where can I pre-order that new album?? :) 

Who needs Cape Town anyway...?

January 31 2013
As an adept windsurfer and surfphotographer (really, you hadn't noticed?) I'm always on the lookout for good conditions to surf and shoot. One of the best places I've had the pleasure to visit so far for doing this is Cape Town, South Africa. This year I also wanted to go, but since the finances of a Freelancer aren't always abundant, I had to try to find another way. I'll spare you the details, suffice it to say that not all Editors in Chief stick to their promise. This meant I had to let go of my dream of visiting my Mecca this winter. Only thing I could do to wash away my sorrow was: go surfing. And so we did. Dieter Van Der Eycken, Kenny Janssen and I headed for the Belgian Coast in 40+ knots and had a merry ol' time. Some pics to prove it was fun. Who needs Cape Town anyway, when you have Bredene aan Zee...?

The first one's always the hardest - or so they say...

January 30 2013
A few days ago I went to see and photograph the first 'real' concert of a friends new band. El Juntacadaveres create an infectious sound of Tango mixed with plenty of influences like hiphop and rock. It was their album release party, and in my humble opinion these boys could well be the partystarters for many summerfestivals to come.