July 01 2013
Rock and Roll is business. To some it's even very serious business. And to a very few it's just business as usual. Clement Peerens is one of those final few. As a songwriter he is without equal although perhaps Tenacious D might just have a shot at coming close. It is also clear God makes mistakes because when looking at his musical talent it is obvious Clement should have died at age 27. But he hasn't. And I'm very happy for that. Very very happy!
While preparing myself to head to Mechelen with a good friend to shoot some skateboarding footage, I received a text message with a few very clear words: "de Clement in Merksem, 8 o'clock. I'm expecting you there". In my job as a photojournalist I've learnt to change plans near instantly, so instead of getting into my car and head south for Mechelen, I got on tram 3, northbound towards the industrially picturesque dockers-town of Merksem.
Bringing their trusted fans a nice mix of old classics from the '99 debut album 'Vinde gij mijn gat' and most recent masterpiece 'Olraait!', I believe nobody left the venue with the same voice as the one they arrived with. For sure I left behind a bit of my voice (and a bucketload of sweat), but in return I was granted 2 minutes of private shooting time (somewhere backstage in a pitchdark props-room) with a band I love. Pretty fair deal if you ask me.