De Smet

May 16 2014
In a random street in Flanders, 3 brothers -living next to each other in 3 identical houses-  lead a monotonous, uninspired life. When a young woman moves into the house across the street, their quiet lives take an unexpected turn. 

Actors Sven De Ridder, Stefaan Degand and Tom Audenaert made the set of 'De Smet' an unforgettable one, cracking jokes between takes and making absurd remarks at moments nobody expected them. As we have grown accustomed to in Belgium, the weather wasn’t always on our side, confronting us with gale-force winds, flaring sun and torrential downpours, all in a days time. Not that I’m complaining, the range of colours and available light was a lot of fun. 

Using the 50mm prime on the first day (indoor) was nice as it gave me a great depth of field to work with. Since the room was pretty small and my movements somewhat limited by this, I decided to single out more details instead of overviews. As the set moved outside on the second day I was there, I opted to go for my trusted 24-70mm and was looking more at the movements of the guys as they joyfully worked their way to the wrap of another job well done.