Some portraits

December 06 2013
In the past month or so, I have had the luck to shoot (with) a number of very interesting people. Some of them were fun because I personally admire how they do what they do, others were nice to work with because their trust in me led to some good results. Let's hope the future will put more of these interesting subjects in front of my lens.
Seen here are:
-Fernand Huts (CEO Katoennatie)
-Laurent Garnier (Techno godfather)
-Annick De Ridder (NV-A politician)
-Bas Bogaerts (Photographer at De Morgen newspaper)
-Kris & Koen Wauters (Flemish singer-songwriters)
-some screaming teens at a One Direction fan party
-Ronnie -the Rocket- O'Sullivan (legendary snooker player)
-Len Faki (Berlin based producer and DJ)