Thursday, Trackday!

March 12 2014
Last thursday a friend of mine took his red and black Yamaha R6 motorbike to Zolder, a track in Limburg, Belgium, and suggested I come along. Fortune, however, was not smiling down upon us as a trail of oil at the end of the straight -left there by a broken bike- caused 3 riders to go down. As you can guess, out of the 70 riders who were driving at that moment, fate decided my friend would be one of those 3. Even more frustrating was that this happened after the second lap of the first session. And worst of all I didn't get a picture of it... :-) It turned out the damage was merely superficial and the next races could still be run, albeit with a bruised wrist, scratched bike and a dusty confidence. The next few sessions we got treated to some more high speed action, seeing the dusty confidence get blown clean again by speeds of up to 250 Km/h. I'm already looking forward to the next trackday!