Who needs Cape Town anyway...?

January 31 2013
As an adept windsurfer and surfphotographer (really, you hadn't noticed?) I'm always on the lookout for good conditions to surf and shoot. One of the best places I've had the pleasure to visit so far for doing this is Cape Town, South Africa. This year I also wanted to go, but since the finances of a Freelancer aren't always abundant, I had to try to find another way. I'll spare you the details, suffice it to say that not all Editors in Chief stick to their promise. This meant I had to let go of my dream of visiting my Mecca this winter. Only thing I could do to wash away my sorrow was: go surfing. And so we did. Dieter Van Der Eycken, Kenny Janssen and I headed for the Belgian Coast in 40+ knots and had a merry ol' time. Some pics to prove it was fun. Who needs Cape Town anyway, when you have Bredene aan Zee...?